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Starting our family was an intimate affair; just me, my husband and a small army of doctors. No stranger to fertility intervention, in the end I found my biggest break-through was how my relationship with God grew deeper. Today I am the mom to 9 year old Jackson and 4 IMG_0246year old Zachary. I still often feel like a foreigner in the land of           All Things Male but I am enjoying learning the language and marveling at how these natives live and prosper.




I am a wife to an inventor/entrepreneur at heart, mother to three boys. I love to dance and find the perfect song for my mood at any given moIMG_2223ment. But, I don’t really have time for all that unless I shut out the family, or make them join me… which has happened many times. Family dance and DJ night. I am in awe that God chose me to be His. And He is mine! And I feel like an outsider in my own family as the only female, in the house. Even the dog and cat are male. So, I do a lot of crying out to God, leaning on God, and asking for help and insight. He generously provides.




IMG_7327Christ follower, wife, autism mom, special needs ministry advocate, writer and speaker. Diane lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Eddie and their two sons. She blogs on faith, family and special needs at http://www.dianedokkokim.com/

Her book, “Faith Rehab: Spiritual Recovery for the Special Needs Parent,” will be published in 2016.




Hi! A little about me: I am daughter of the Most High God and to two loving, christian parents. Married 12 years to the love of my life and 10407143_10201768742215293_153729568429117754_nmother to three precious boys ages 11, 7 and 3. We are blessed and challenged to live in a tiny space within a mulit-generational home where we ride the homeschool roller coaster. I hope to share my struggles and victories in order to bring glory to the One I owe it all to and to encourage others who might think they are struggling alone.


– California

I am a servant of the Almighty King! I have been married for the past 16 years now to the man of my dreams and loving life while living it up with our 6 crazy, energetic, loving and authentic boys (JT 15, Savelio 10, Adonis 9, Howard 7, Tenisi 4 and Taloa-Gunner 1) and IMG_3936wouldn’t have it any other way. Although we tried for a little princess obviously, that was not in God’s plan for our Family!

I love being a mommy, I love coffee, makeup, baking, rugby, boys, a messy house (sometimes), and making women look and feel beautiful. I am an esthetician whose found a new passion to empower families just like mine on financial advice and coaching. It’s as if God totally called me into duty on my weakest ability!  And boy is He Faithful!  He is at work y’all and that’s all I can say for now!




I’m a full-time Domestic Engineer and a part-time Marketer. I’ve
been enjoying my dream job (as wife and mom) for the past ten years. I was blessed with my husband, James and son, Isaiah late in life (at ages 39 and 46). So, while many of my friends arIMG_3721 (1)e now empty nesters, my son is in elementary school. Although my dream job is often challenging, the benefits far outweigh the frustrations that constantly remind me I’m not in control of anything…God is! I love to read, eat dessert first, ride my bike and travel. In my free time (which comes after 10pm -when I should be sleeping), I like to watch mindless TV and eat junk food that makes me keep these extra 10 pounds I want to lose. I enjoy the uninterrupted peace and quiet of my alone time at night, it helps me relax and unwind. Nevertheless, I feel blessed beyond measure and can’t thank God enough for this opportunity to be His vessel, as a parent.




I am an on-call mom when I am working outside of the home, and that makes me a 24/7 mother of three boys aged 10.5, 9 and 5. Our home is mostly wild as long as the boys are awake which we are IMG_3817grateful for, because God has kept them healthy, and we don’t take that for granted. Sometimes we wish they would calm down a little bit, but once my head starts spinning, I ask my wonderful husband to take over if he is home. I love spending time with the boys at the park, outside our front yard or even in the house playing games. During my free time, which is mostly after 10pm, I love reading, listening to music or cuddling with hubby while watching a good movie.




I’m a California girl raising 4 sons with my hubby Zach. Becoming parents was challenging. Our journey included infertility, adoption, 885620_1081220318573814_7268550219491339371_oIVF, a twin pregnancy and lots of prayers! The boys are Payton (9), Jayden (7), Stone (1.5) and Grant (1.5). I’m short and friendly, laugh loudly, competitive and fiercely loyal.  

Yum: Popcorn and M&Ms

Yuck: Seafood

Secret Talent: I can find anything my family misplaces




Lover of Jesus and my four boys, who come second to God. I am charming but not witty, more like silly and playful; however, my roller skating skills need a little improvement. I am warm, confident 14 years single momin Christ, kind-hearted, and compassionate. Lover of art, adventure and the outdoors, I have a huge heart for philanthropy specifically with anti-slavery, orphans, and human trafficking. I am fiercely dependent on God, Who makes me resilient amidst life’s storms.

Motto: “Do what you gotta do and do it with a positive attitude.”

Favorite Quote: “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” – Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Scripture: “The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying:

“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.” – Jeremiah 31:3 (NKJV)




I am a woman trying to go after God’s own heart.  A mom trying to raise her two little monkey butts into godly apes.  A driver who is 1402352_10151890209752839_1943379958_olearning daily to be a passenger and letting God be the driver. Besides that, I love worshipping God through hula, (sans the grass skirt and coconut bra), photography, playing sports, the great outdoors, hanging with family and friends, and wrestling with my boys.



-North Carolina

I am a wife and mom of a blended family. Together we have four boys ages 6 through 12 and boy is our home LOUD! Only married a short time, I am completely dependent on the Lord for everything: new loving marriage (that I pray I don’t screw up), mother to two boys who lost their mother to illness, mother to my two boys who have 10931046_1550963925150669_2819454681150791340_ofelt the sting of divorce and a God given desire and challenge to go back to school for my Masters. I have always said that my favorite quality about our God is His sense of humor! Some things don’t seem funny in the moment, but EVERY TIME I go to God with a heart of surrender in the midst of a difficult challenge, He ALWAYS shows me the humor hidden within.  And I LOVE THAT!


  1. From Kenya,
    Am a mother of three boys 11, 9 and 4. God has helped me to tone down my anger and understand the journey of raising boys. The only girl among boys, am always honoured though sometimes the house becomes messy. All issues are directed to mom. Just realised we are many in this journey. I love worshipping the Lord with my boys especially at night.

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    1. Thank you Sylvia for sharing from your heart, and joining us! Yes, God has purposed many of us women to mother boys. It is a high and challenging calling. It is even better when we find each other and stick together. That is why we started this blog. To connect with others like ourselves, and to notice and share God’s hand in our lives. Your family sounds great. You must be the queen in your home. Blessings Sylvia!

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