Run Your Race

My mom is no longer on earth. But she lives on in me. I believe this! Because of how her life impacted me. All the stuff I “caught” from her stays with me even today.

She was the last one to finish this little 5k. We all had to wait a long time for her to come thru. A lot of people went home already!

The band played and people cheered and this last place runner was on top of the world with her achievement. Can you believe I was embarrassed for her? I’m ashamed to say that. But everybody starts somewhere. And my mom ended up running a marathon after that.

Yes, he did things that embarrassed me all the time. Today I do things that make me uncomfortable, embarrassed for even trying, all because of the influence of how my mom lived. I lived in fear of what others thought of me. And she grew out of that. I watched her grow out of that debilitating fear. She started college again after 50, ran races, got a job with a bunch of 20 somethings and was thriving. The best part, she and I were finding joy and healing in our relationship as mom and daughter.

She is gone way too soon but I see her in myself and I’m so thankful that her legacy lives on. I’m sharing because I think everybody, just by living on the edge, doing scary things and not caring what others think… can grow and change the world for better. Just by being YOU.  In this month where we celebrate mothers, here is to all the ladies who impact others around you just by being. You have no idea of your worth. It’s big.

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