Questostimony: How do you do Valentine’s Day with boys?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t thought of how to celebrate this love holiday with your boys, no worries! We asked moms of boys to chime in on how they celebrate Valentine’s Day with their sons. Which mom do you relate to?

Kristen J. Mom of 3 boys:

We do a fun family breakfast, heart shaped pancakes.
Love notes on bedroom doors from Feb 1-14.
I also get them a little something!

Robyn F. Mom of 4 boys, 1 girl:

Valentines Day is my FAVORITE day!!!! Heart decorations everywhere in a house of boys, I don’t care! I remind them about the sacrificial love of Christ. I just love this day!

Faith F. Mom of 6 boys:

We don’t really celebrate this holiday. I only get stuff for the boys for their class if they ask. But I’m much happier if they don’t lol! I’m not too fond of Valentines Day … I know I’m weird! Heart you ladies who do though 😘😘

Kristy H. Mom of two boys:

I hope what I’m going to say doesn’t sound braggy or snobby because there are many areas where I fall short! But making sure my boys know that I love them is definitely not one of them I tell them many times every day with deep meaning how much I love them. Whenever I’m thinking about it I tell them how much I like the person that they have grown to be, how important they are to me, what a good job I thought they did or how impressed I am with them, and we spend time praying together each night. I’ve always made a point of telling my boys I love them in many different ways and I always make sure to add that the reason I can love them so much is because God has loved me so much. I buy them small little gifts every now and then, I like to cook their favorite meals for them I like to do special things with them and spend time one-on-one with each of them often as well. So when Valentine’s Day rolls around I feel no pressure to do anything. Sometimes I do things for them if it’s convenient and I have time but most times we do nothing ! And I do not feel bad about it at all 😊

Julie R. Mom of 4 boys:

My oldest son loves those candy hearts so I got a little box for each boy. I plan to do the “why you’re loved” notes too, I like the idea of a daily note on their door/bed. Like, “you are kind” etc.
I think I’ve given cards & candy in past years. We don’t do much.

Love note to oldest brother. One from mom, the other from little bro. “Payton I am lucky to have you” ❤
Cheri L. Mom of 3 boys:

One son is really into paper airplanes right now. I’m making him make one for each kid in his class for V day. (Luckily there’s only ten lol, small school!). Some years, I put out a fancy table setting with the good dishes. They love it and enjoy it boy style. So funny 😂. My sister watched our boys this weekend and brought Valentine craft stuff for them. (She is used to watching our nieces). Anyway, they were not into it… but after she left, my oldest went all out using the stuff she left behind. He made both my husband and me beautiful cards. The dollar section at the store has cute Valentine things for our table setting. My husband made heart pancakes.  At my request. That was awesome.

There is no perfect standard for showing love to our boys. We all know that. But, there is One who loves us perfectly. Jesus.

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1John 4:10

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope that as you show love to your boys, your own heart is filled with joy!

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