Tales of Target

Now that I think about it, I have spent a lot of time shopping in Target.  Enough that three out of four sons have thrown up on the floor.  One kid has had more than one “accident” as he always waits to tell me he needs to use the restroom when we’re on the opposite side of the store.  I’m there a lot because Target is a great place to buy everything you need from diapers to cute sweaters.

Yes, my kids puking on the floor was embarrassing, but hey, they were sick. I wasn’t laughing.  Here are two stories that embarrass me, but make me laugh too.  I hope you enjoy them and remember you’re not alone the next time your child does something “unexpected” in public.

Son #1

He was about 3 years old.  Sitting in the big part of the cart with all the stuff.  Younger brother was in the baby seat of the cart.  I was focused on my list, trying to make good time through the store.  Son #1, who was normally very chatty, was sitting quietly amongst the items in the cart.  So I was able to move fast, quickly walking down the wide main isle.  Then I notice son #1 is very focused on something.  Hmmm… what’s he doing?  Uh oh.  He opened that box.  Wait, is that my box of tampons?  Yep.  He has one in his hand and pushes it through the perfect square opening in the cart.  It disappeared.  He grabs another one and shoves it through the hole.  I stop and look behind me and there it is: my own Hansel & Gretel trail of tampons following me down the aisle at Target.

Son #2

I was shopping with this sweet little guy when he was about 2 years old.  We had just finished shopping at Trader Joe’s where he received an organic lollipop from a store promotion.  We got in the car and drove over to Target.  He was enjoying his lollipop as I pulled him out of the car seat and put him in the cart.  We started shopping and of course, I was  focused on my list and getting through the store.  At some point I realized he no longer has his lollipop. I looked around.  Don’t see it.  Oh well.  I think he probably dropped it somewhere. Oops, sorry, nothing I can do about that now.  So we finished shopping and head back to my car.  As I turned to lift my son out of the cart, I noticed my reflection in the window.  Wait, what is that dangling in my hair?  The lollipop!  

I bet you have your own adventures in shopping tales.  One day these will be some of our best funny stories to tell to their kids. Don’t forget them, pass them along!

 Children are a gift from the Lord;
 they are a reward from him.  –Psalm 127:3 (NLT)

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