The Husband Challenge

I used to work in the evenings until midnight when my husband and I were raising our young boys. On winter days when it was freezing cold, I would start my car and give it a few minutes to warm up. I would then drive home comfortably in a cozy car wishing I would drive inside the house with it. If only…

The freezing weather outside especially between our house and the parking lot was a big turn off for me. I made sure I spent the least amount of time getting inside the house by zooming out of the car and getting inside the house in less than 10 seconds. Thanks God I never tripped. The cold weather outside was intolerable especially on those wee hours of the night.
Sometimes my husband would wait for me and other times he would be in his ninth dream smiling in his sleep for finally being able to relax after a hectic evening with the boys. I always tip toed to make sure I didn’t interrupt his well deserved sleep. My phone flashlight was always handy and therefore didn’t need to turn on the light to look for my night dress. I knew he was a light sleeper and therefore wouldn’t dare try to turn on the lights.
Given that I only had one night dress (yep, only one), I was getting a little frustrated because I couldn’t find where it was. I had a specific spot where I kept it. “Who moved it?” How would he even move it and not tell me when he knew very well I was coming late? I was getting more irritated because I was freezing cold and needed to get in that bed soonest possible. Should I wake this guy up? How about turning on the lights? Geez! This guy is so inconsiderate! Or so I told myself.
Oh well, I tell you what! I decided to check one more time. I moved towards the wall where the house heater was and boom! There was my night dress! Staring at me, smiling as it was neatly spread out on the long wall heater, fully immersed in the heat waves that were emanating from the heater. You can imagine how I felt as I wore it and allowed that heat from the dress to touch my body and heat it.
The irritation, the frustration, the freezing cold just melted away. I slept soundly that night. This is one of the many things that my husband does to rock my world and make me a happy woman! On winter days, I didn’t have to zoom out of my car to avoid the cold but I knew I had a thoughtful, caring man who would do anything to make his wife’s winter days better. My husband challenges me a lot to be a better wife. I can’t help but find ways to reciprocate the love and extend the same to our children. What do you for your spouse to make their world with you a better place to live? May I challenge you today to make that extra effort to be a better spouse today? Cheers!!


  1. I love that you are challenging us to think about our husbands more often. Unfortunately, they are often last on our priority list and by the time we get to them we have no energy left. I make the extra effort to be a better spouse by thinking about what he might want/like to have from the store, instead of just thinking about what the kid wants/needs.

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    1. That’s a great idea sonup2sondown. It is fun to get creative thinking of ways to show love to our husbands. Our coffee maker broke the other day, and I couldn’t imagine waking up without access to coffee. hahaha. My husband got out of bed before me and went out to get me… a white mocha. yum. and perfect. Today, I think I will make him a big bowl of popcorn while he watches his college football game. It’s that time of year, and he loves popcorn.


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