I Honor You!

Even though my earthly father has gone home to be with the Lord; I will still honor him, the life he lived and the memories we’ve shared. This Father’s Day I will speak his name and I will recall a memory to honor him and the wisdom he poured into my life. He was a very caring, giving, and sensitive man. He was a “man’s man” and tried to hide his sensitive side, but once you got to know him he could no longer hide it. My brothers always said I could get dad to do things they couldn’t.  That’s because I knew his love language, it was touch.  I touched him often. Even if I was just passing by him or having a conversation with someone else. If he was within arm’s reach…I’d just touch him; his arm or shoulder or head.  And he loved it, I could tell because he’d lean in to the touch. And I loved his leaning in to the touch because he was silently saying, “I receive your love”.

I’m thankful he was a Christian and I find comfort in knowing that I’ll see him again. Thanks for the memories DAD, with all my love always and forever!

Proverbs 17:6 (KJV)
Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.


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