Wasn’t Me

Dear “Wasn’t Me”,

It has come to my attention that you have taken up residence in our home. Your presence has been causing a lot of confusion and problems.

When I ask, “How did this get broken?”

The resounding answer from my children is, “Wasn’t Me!”


“Who changed the thermostat?”

“Wasn’t Me!”


“Where’s the $20 that was on the counter?”

All kinds of denial. “Wasn’t Me!” “Or Me!”

Granted, that money could have been swiped by one of the 2yr old twins…but it seems unlikely.


On and on it goes.  Wasn’t Me, you’re really making me mad. You’re not as innocent as you seem.


Wasn’t Me, you are both deceptive and rob our home of trust.  When you’re here, I doubt what my loved ones tell me.  You steal the truth.


So, Wasn’t Me.  I’m kicking you out of our house!  That’s it, I’ve had it.  You may not stay and try to seep into my children’s hearts.  There is no room for you.


We are replacing you Wasn’t Me. I am inviting over Integrity and his brother Honesty to come and live with us. We will continue to teach our children to speak the truth and do the things that build trust with one another.

Good Bye, Wasn’t Me.

I never want to see you around here again.






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