Easy Random Act of Kindness: Compliment a Mom

Do you ever feel like all you hear about your kids is the stuff they’ve done wrong?  Constantly hearing where your kids struggle can sometimes blind you to their good qualities too.  Recently I received a compliment that has kept me encouraged for weeks.

It was the first day of Christmas vacation and I was already exhausted.  I was with all four of my sons (ages 9, 7, and 2yr old twins) getting lunch in the cafe at our gym.  A woman whose kids are close in age to my younger sons came up to me and introduced herself, asking if we could get our kids together to play.  She was new to the area and looking for friends.  Honestly, I was surprised she picked me as I wasn’t exactly at my best: tired, no make up, distracted, grumpy, struggling a bit with all four kiddos…

After Christmas when we were planning our playdate, I told her I thought that it was brave of her to approach me seeking friendship.  Her response really surprised me.  She said she wanted to meet me because of my kid’s good behavior.  (Wait, my kids?)  Yes, she said at the cafe, she was watching how the older boys were so sweetly looking after their little brothers.  They were helping the little ones sit in their high chairs and giving them food.  Just being kind.  Yay!  Someone finally caught my kids doing something right!  And the best part is that she told me about it.

It was fantastic to go home and brag to my husband about how I made a new friend because of our son’s good behavior.  The boys soaked up the compliments, enjoying the praise for their brotherly love.

So, if you’d like to spread a little love and kindness…compliment a mom today.  I’m sure she could use the encouragement.

What’s your story?  When has someone given you a compliment or shared kind words that have helped you?

“An anxious heart weighs a man (mom) down, but a kind word cheers him (her) up.” Proverbs 12:25


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