Crocs vs. Femininity

I love my CROCS, slip-on shoes!  I have, correction, had two pairs that I wore around the house.  I had a red and yellow pair and although they were dirty and very faded, they were CROCS and practically indestructible!  That was until they met my husband, his scissors and the trash can!  Now before you feel the need to come to my defense, my husband is as good as they come!  He spoils me and expresses his love for me regularly, but he Hated, with a capital “H,” my CROCS!  He thought they were the most unfeminine shoes he’d ever seen.

I have a household of testosterone: one hubby, four boys and Max (our dog).  But my husband didn’t marry a man (that would be a different blog all together) and he looked forward to seeing me, his girlie-wife.  This isn’t to say that he wanted me to wear pink while I painted the house or sequins when I played soccer with the boys, but he was sick of seeing me wear these oversized rubber shoes everyday around the house.  The more I thought about it, if the roles were reversed, and my husband decided to wear rainbow colored pants around the house, I wouldn’t like it.  Perhaps I should be a good Christian wife and let the rainbow remind of God’s promise that He’d never again flood the earth, but not likely.  I’d take my own sharp sheers to those pants unapologetically.  In fact, my husband is right now reminding me that I didn’t even ask him before I purged his closet of clothes that I no longer liked and I donated it all toThe Good Will.  Oh yah, I forgot about that J!

So the CROCS met their doom and my hubby promised to get me nice replacements.  So, “Good bye my CROCS, you were fun while you lasted but my husband wants less androgynous and more obvious femininity from my shoes, so he wins!”

(Side Note: My husband has gone to the Good Will at least three times since my charitable donation looking for his leather “Travolta Jacket!”)


  1. I have this issue. around the house I tend to be barefoot because I like to be barefoot. however it always looks silly with the clothes I wear. Or i have a pair of slippers that are pink and leopard print. I’ve been on the hunt for shoes that are strictly for indoors, but still look like shoes and not slippers!

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