Giving Thanks -the Secret of Contentment

There are so many things to thank God for, aren’t there? And if you’re like me somewhere along life’s journey you forget God’s blessings and faithfulness. So today I want to take the time to thank God for my little apartment, my home. It’s filled with many boys, loud laughter, loads of laundry and so much love.

But it was not always this way. Before we moved into our 3 bedroom apartment we lived in an even smaller 2 bedroom raising 4 boys there and I remember complaining all the time to my husband about how stressed I was carrying loads of laundry, kids, shopping, up and down the stairs as we lived on the 2nd floor. It was tiring and frustrating all at once and when you’re tired, stressed and frustrated, well you know things usually do not go well in the home. There were many days like that. Over and over again, I would say, “ If only this, or if only that!”

Then we were expecting baby boy #5 and we went on a housing hunt.

Every house we looked at we couldn’t afford.  I was willing to work, I was willing to do whatever it takes for me to be able to afford something for my growing family. “Oh that backyard,” I imagined all the fun things my boys and I could do in our own backyard!  But our budget along with my hubby reminded me, honey it’s not going to happen and if it did, it will not happen anytime soon.

The search continued..then one day we stumbled upon a craigslist ad! It said, “waiting list open 3 bedroom 1 bath” and I ran to tell my husband. That very morning we drove to the office and filled out our application only for them to tell us the waiting would take up to 3 years. All hope flew out the window, but I prayed, we prayed and we asked God, “If you hear us, would you please open this door for us? we need space for our growing family and it’s just the perfect amount.”  It was a downstairs unit and although there wasn’t a washer and dryer in the apartment the fact that I didn’t have to haul everything and everyone upstairs and downstairs on a daily basis rang peace in my heart.

The LORD is good to everyone. He showers compassion on all his creation. -Psalm 145:9

As we prayerfully waited 3 days later we received a call. The lady over the phone says, “Hi Faith, this is Lisa from Mountain View Apartments, you are next on the list and we need you to come submit all your paperwork so we can approve you for the 3 bedroom you applied for?”  I was speechless, I couldn’t believe that 3 years of wait time was cut down to approximately 3 days instead!  Isn’t God AMAZING?

Death and Destruction are never satisfied and, neither are human eyes. -Proverbs  27:20

We moved in and boy was I the happiest woman Alive!  We were even assigned  2 parking spots right in front of our new home, and
the washers and dryers weren’t too far from our apartment.  I Thanked God, “Wow Lord you couldn’t have been any more gracious.”  

As years went by we lost the thankful heart we once had when we first moved in and the complaining and ungratefulness were slowly creeping in again.

A few years down the line we welcomed our 6th baby boy and our place was once again getting smaller and tighter as the the rest were growing and getting bigger and somewhere along the way I lost contentment in all that the Lord had provided for my family. Why and How did this all start to come back? Well in part, because I started comparing myself to others. I started looking over my neighbor’s fence thinking their grass was greener than mine. Their children seemed to be better behaved, and did better in school.  And oh my, so and so are going on another vacation, yet my family has never gone on one!  I had let comparison steal my Joy!  i was sinning my way to stress and depression and I needed to repent!


Yes! We sin because we are looking to something else, to give us what ONLY JESUS can give us. I have taught my kids contentment and yet I was struggling to fight dissatisfaction in my own life. And i’m sure i’ve scarred my boys one way or the other, but Thank God for HIS grace and mercy and forgiveness. We are able to sit down as a family and share about our struggles during prayer time and ask each other for forgiveness, then we go to our Gracious father in prayer for forgiveness.

Today and everyday I thank my GOD, my provider for all He has blessed me with! I thank my God for my warm and cozy apartment that is filled with the pitter patter of little feet! I thank my God for the Dirty walls and muddy boots, the little rooms and my 1 bathroom that we all share. I thank my God simply for the roof over my head, and that my friend, is enough to be thankful for!

All my 6 boys are very different, each personality…different!  So how do we as parents teach our boys to be content and to be Thankful for everything?  I believe each day with our children, through prayer we are able to instill a heart of contentment and thankfulness as we talk about God’s love for us and His ultimate and indescribable gift to us, which is Jesus!


There are many ways to make expressing thankfulness a part of your daily schedule.  Whatever you do, make sure you have a way to remember the Lord’s involvement in your life. When He is involved everything else becomes dimmer.  So, may we, like Paul, learn to be content whatever the circumstances with hearts of thanksgiving.

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.I can do all this through him who gives me strength.  -Philippians 4:11-13


  1. I share in your struggle Faith! Tiny spaces filled with boys and a husband are not easy but they are fun! The boys make me laugh and smile everyday with their energy, wit, kisses and hugs. The fact that our loving Father provides for our every basic need Plus more should be enough but Satan sure has a way stealing that joy through comparison, especially through social media.

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    1. Oh my gosh yes, Social media sure does have a way of getting into our lives! Yes He is such a good provider and has blessed us with all we ever need. I’m so thankful for that! Saw Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts Julie, I miss you!


  2. Faith, I love your heart! As a mom of four boys, I get it! The truth of the matter is it wouldn’t matter if you had a BIG home or a small home, as its a home of boys and therefore it’s always a bit stressful! A big home would allow too much independence and they’d be alone and likely getting into mischief and a small home is tough because you’re in the midst of the LOUDNESS but in the end a life of boys will evolve into a future of wonderful men that will LOVE their mama forever!!!!

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    1. Robyn, you are on point with this! Big home or Small there will always be issues! I was reminded by a book that I read that a Home is the invisible structure, radiant love that embraces each member of the family and that there is love in every room! I miss you Robyn, you always uplift me with your encouragement!


  3. Thank you for the reminder! This article exemplifies who you truly are…always content, grateful and so humble with everything. Love your genuineness! ❤️ You!

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  4. I love your heart, Faith! And I agree that we need to give thanks more often instead of asking for more. I have a decent size yard but we hardly ever use it because it’s littered with poop from neighborhood cats. My boys often just want to cuddle on the couch or wrestle in bed. Some of my fondest memories come from growing up with 4 other siblings in a studio. Just imagine all the fond memories and funny stories your boys have to share with their own children in the future.


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